Financial Health isn't one-size-fits-all

Our comprehensive suite of financial solutions and resources is designed to meet people wherever they are.

BrightUp puts a twist on finances by mixing money with mindset. We believe that true wealth starts with knowing that you are worthy, capable, and deserving.

How BrightUp Helps

BrightUp offers a diverse array of wealth-building tools and resources to help people everywhere reduce stress, improve productivity, and decrease medical costs—all leading to a healthier, financially stable, and more sustainable lifestyle.

All the strategies we use fall under the following:
Compassionate Capital
Compelling Content
Coaching Community

    Compassionate Capital

    BrightUp is making it easier for hardworking individuals and families to get access to fairly priced capital with reasonable interest rates. Our alternative underwriting algorithm expands access to affordable loan rates for funding including:

    • Emergency loans delivering up to two weeks of pay for employees
    • Debt consolidation & refinancing to reduce the rate paid on expensive debt
    • Simple and easy repayment terms
    • Endless opportunities to improve credit scores!

    Compelling Content

    BrightUp curates content and financial wellbeing tools designed to help you put your best foot forward. We provide access to:

    • Articles and literature that are relevant to you and the legacy you want to build.
    • Financial wellness content designed to help you understand what it takes to reach your goals.
    • Financial planning tools to simplify and streamline how you track your financial goals.

    Coaching Community

    BrightUp delivers coaching and community bundled into one. After registering and setting your goals, you get access to:

    • Exceptional coaching designed to take you from wherever you’re starting to your short-term and long-term goals.
    • An empowering community of people at different stages in their financial journey who are committed to supporting you.
    • Regular reminders of your worth, real-world problem-solving, and ongoing strategies for building and establishing wealth.

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