Build wealth and self-worth, regardless of where you start

BrightUp is an emotionally intelligent financial wellness benefit provider.

Money is One of Life's Biggest Stressors

Financial stress can leave you feeling incapable and invaluable. At BrightUp, we believe you are capable of more and offer help solving financial problems and building financial plans that set you up for success.

We’re committed to bridging the wealth gap, knowledge gap, and worth gap everywhere it exists.

BrightUp is on a mission to democratize wealth-building and well-being by making it easier for people from every background to manage their finances and plan their future.


Your dreams are closer than you think. We can help you with goals like getting out of debt, saving for college or retirement, learning how to budget, or invest.
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Everyone on your team deserves to reach their dreams. Financially secure employees are more productive and we can help you help them with powerful financial resources.
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When You Value Yourself & Build Your Wealth, The Future Gets Brighter!

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When You Value Yourself & Build Your Wealth, The Future Gets Brighter!
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