Financial Health and Wellbeing Starts with Trust

We're a digital financial wellness company that helps people become and stay financially secure.

BrightUp partners with employers and communities who want to help (people) develop financial knowledge and increase self-worth. 

BrightUp is on a mission to democratize wealth-building and well-being.

Here’s how we help:

  • Expanded access to fairly priced funding—we call it Compassionate Capital– designed to help you achieve financial goals. 
  • An easy-to-use app that gives you access to tools and resources and puts your financial health back in your hands…literally.
  • Coaching that meets you where you are and gives you effective support.
  • A comprehensive suite of products and solutions designed for you.
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We are in the Business of Building Trust

BrightUp is a people-first company with deep-seated beliefs in doing the right thing. Devoted to reminding every individual of their worth, we’re fiercely focused on helping people build trust in themselves.

With compassion, understanding, and empathy, we meet people wherever they are on their financial journey, diving deep into their priorities and beliefs about money, to help them recover and thrive.

Why BrightUp?

Born from Valerie Mosley’s passion for democratizing wealth-building and wellbeing, BrightUp seeks to give everyone access to financial coaching and build self-worth, regardless of where they come from, their skin color, or their current situation. 

When we can break out of crisis-mode, we can break free of stress, anxiety, and feelings of low-worth that intensify gaps in wealth and self-worth. And that’s what we’re setting out to do.

Worth Gap (noun)

When people are constantly stressed about their finances, face constant rejection, and have limited options, they start to lose hope and stop dreaming. What’s more, hardworking families are more likely to undergo traumatic and stressful experiences and be victimized by microaggressions and systematic racism. 

BrightUp delivers judgment-free support that meets every individual wherever they are to help them take steps toward managing their current situation and plan for the future.

Wealth Gap (noun)

When a small number of people control the vast majority of wealth, too many others don’t have access to the knowledge they need to build savings, realize the American Dream, or gain upward social mobility. 

BrightUp is helping reduce the wealth gap to make wealth-building more accessible to hardworking families.

Our Founder, Valerie Mosley

Valerie has seen first-hand how traditional financial institutions treat some people differently and unfairly based on incorrect and dated assumptions about credit worthiness.

After seeing far too many people—including loved ones—struggle to survive paycheck to paycheck, she also saw the additional stress and feelings of hopelessness they experience.

That’s why she set out to create a compassionate company that treats everyone as a human of worth and focuses on helping each person increase their net worth and their self-worth. 

As Founder & CEO, she draws on decades of experience as a seasoned finance professional and a belief that everyone is worthy of their dreams and can achieve them, regardless of their background, trauma, and beliefs about themselves or money.

Meet the Team

Team BrightUp comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences to support YOU. We are strong believers in personal legacy and impact.

In addition to following our individual passions, we’re committed to a common goal—helping you create your legacy.

Our Founder

BrightUp is an emotionally intelligent financial wellness benefit provider. We help workers and their loved ones grow their net-worth and improve their self-worth.

BrightUp believes that how people feel about themselves affects how they treat themselves – particularly when finances are involved. BrightUp is an emotionally intelligent financial wellness benefit provider.


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