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Behind The Scenes At BrightUp

We're a digital financial wellness company, that helps people become and stay financially secure.

We combine behavioral science with technology to bring a holistic approach to wealth-building.

Our unique combination of services that include financial tools, planning, educational content and human coaching bring a tailored approach to help people meet their financial goals.

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Our Story

We started BrightUp with a simple premise: every person should have access to the tools that help them feel financially secure, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Everything we do at BrightUp is in service of one mission: to help as many people as possible reach a place of financial security. We are here to accompany people along the way and equip them with the tools that will help them create sustainable habits around their finances.

Our Founder

BrightUp is an emotionally intelligent financial wellness benefit provider. We help workers and their loved ones grow their net-worth and improve their self-worth.

BrightUp believes that how people feel about themselves affects how they treat themselves – particularly when finances are involved. BrightUp is an emotionally intelligent financial wellness benefit provider.


Leadership Team

Kaiya Vaccaro


Hanna Vaccaro


Lindsey George


Kianna George


Carla Workman


Desirae Workman


Jordyn Torff


Zain Schleifer


Alena Vetrovs


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