Compassionate Capital and Coaching in the Palm of Your Hand

Let us help you meet and exceed all your financial goals


With BrightUp, you get access to cutting edge financial tools and education, paired with a compassionate guide who meets you where you are and empowers you with education when you need it. BrightUp understands that knowing what to do is half the battle when it comes to managing your money. Everyone needs, and deserves, encouraging, supportive and affordable banking solutions.

A digital bank, focused on Wealth-building & Well-Being

01. High Yield Savings

Let your money work for you! When you put your savings in our high yield savings account, you'll earn much more interest, compared to traditional banks.

02. Financial Tools

We first understand your goals and dreams. Then we analyze your income, debt and spending habits to come up with a plan to help keep you on track to achieve them.

03. Access to compassionate capital

When life hits you hard, you don't want to be judged by our past. What you need is compassionate, affordable funds. BrightUp provides emergency loans and debt refinancing when you need it and without regard to your credit score.

04. Access to personal coaching and content

We provide human support. Our financial wellness coaches are there for people over text, phone or video.