For Employers and Community Partners

Empower your employees and members with evidence-based tools that will help them feel financially healthy.

How BrightUp Works

We accompany your employees and members on their path to feeling financially secure. By understanding their feelings and emotions around money, we get to the root of what prevents them from feeling secure. Our tools, content and coaching will empower your employees and members to build stability and achieve their financial goals.


We're here for our users when they experience setbacks. We provide compassionate capital, such as low-interest loans and debt consolidation, to get our users to a place to start building wealth.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning tools are powered by technology and centered around our users' needs. We get a better understanding of people's current financial health to help guide them in achieving their long term goals.

Financial Coaching

We provide human support. Our financial wellness coaches are there for people over text, phone or video.

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