Financial Coaching

Support and handholding, when, where, and in the format best suited for every individual - based on your stage in life, type of question, comfort level, time availability, and other factors.

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Our approach is human-centered, powered by coaches who guide you through your financial journey. BrightUp coaches help you uncover the reasons behind your money habits and support you as you create stronger, sustainable ways to build wealth. Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable to achieve their goals. If coaching is an approach that feels right for you, our coaches will be with you every step of the way.

Wealth building, from the palm of your hand

01. Support When You Need It

We believe that tools without support are meaningless. That's why we use coaches who can support you in using financial empowerment tools in a way that best fits your needs.

03. At Your Convenience

You can access our coaches via text, phone or video.

04. Focus On Progress

Everyone hits bumps along the road, and at BrightUp we're here to show you that that there's no shame in needing help. We help you keep moving forward regardless of your circumstances

02. Motivation That's Sustainable

Our coaches give you the support you need to help keep you on track to your goals.

BrightUp is an emotionally intelligent financial wellness benefit provider.

BrightUp is an emotionally intelligent financial wellness benefit provider. We help workers and their loved ones grow their net-worth and improve their self-worth. BrightUp believes that how people feel about themselves affects how they treat themselves – particularly when finances are involved.

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