Get Trustworthy, Low-Cost Financial Assistance When You Need it the Most.

We believe that there is no reason why you should pay more for borrowing less.


BrightUp's flagship offering is affordable, Low-Cost, Debt Consolidation or Loan Refinancing. These loans are easily repaid through paycheck deductions and are often provided at a single-digit interest-rates regardless of your credit score.

Financial help, when you need it most. Without all the fine print and extra fees.

01. Non-Judgmental

We don't think there's any shame in needing financial help. We provide you with assistance during your low and high points.

03. Easy, Effortless Payments

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to repay your loan, so we deduct your routine payments directly from your paycheck.

04. No Credit Score Required

A credit score shouldn't stop you from building your wealth. That's why you don't need one to use our debt consolidation and refinancing tools.

02. Affordable Interest Rates

We are here to assist you with repaying your loans at interest-rates that don't keep you in a cycle of debt. Say goodbye to payday loans.

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